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Since the beginning, Terzani has always viewed aesthetics as a way of interpreting natural and artistic beauty. Born in Florence, Italy, the cradle of the Renaissance, the company was driven to follow the creative invocations of the magical city. The word “aesthetics” originates from the greek “aisthesis” which means feeling or, more precisely, knowledge created by the use of oneʼs senses. When you look at a Terzani design, you can sense how its light enchantingly envelops the surrounding space. Itʼs more than simply a practical, utilitarian design, itʼs an aesthetic representing modern and artistic beauty through the use of design and innovative technologies.


BRAND VAN EGMOND is a Dutch design brand and an international trendsetter In exclusive handcrafted lighting.The brand and studio were founded in 1989 By William Brand and Annet van Egmond Two pioneer artists with the sole intension to create art without restraints. William Brand (1963) and Annet van Egmond (1964) graduated at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands, where he was trained as An architect And she as a sculptor. They have been working as independent product Designers for over 24 years. Their first lighting sculpture became an instant icon. Their passion for lighting sculptures has resulted in an impressive collection With yearly additions of new designs. 


Vistosi's mission is to produce Murano glass creations of excellent quality and refined design. Vistosi works with internationally renowned designers who closely follow the latest trends and market demands The Vistosi collection includes chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps And wall sconces constructed from hand blown glass and crystal configured in unique shapesand designs. 

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